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Proposed General Load Order

Guide by Nells

Proposing a general Load Order structure, even though it doesn't matter a ton, but just as an easy guideline for people to set theirs up with.

I’ve been playing through with this load order (ignore the warnings icons on there, they indicate BG3MM not seeing SE, but I have SE installed and working manually), and it’s been reliable through at least half of Act 1, still testing it as I go through a playthrough.

The structure behind it is as follows:


  • Honour.pak
  • DiceSet_06.pak

Load these things first

  • Libraries such as 5eSpells, UnlockLevelCurve, CommunityLibrary, VladsGrimoire
  • Single-purpose SE mods (ex. Loz's Autosaver mods, KvCampEvents)

Load these things second

  • Mods that provide playable actions, items, and dyes
  • Mods that fix base-game content and/or affect general gameplay (ex. Concentration Failsafe, Shields Overhaul)

Load these things third

  • Mods provide new content to existing structures (ex. FeatsExtra, Metamagic Extended, WildMagicD100)

Load these things next, organized by type

  1. Additional Feats
  2. Additional Races/Subraces
  3. Additional Classes
  4. Additional Subclasses (organized by main class)

Load these things next, organized by type

  1. Skin/Hair/Eye Color mods
  2. Custom Hairs
  3. Custom Cosmetics
  4. Custom Heads
  5. Custom Dice

Load these things last

  • Mods that consist only of Compatibility Framework insertions (so the Feat Every 2/3 levels - Compatibility Framework version, for example)
  • Major patch mods (ex. Patches for CC Races, Spell List Combiner, Compatibility Framework)
  • Compatibility Framework is last to load

    Note: Minor patches should go closer to their primary mods - like the WarlockUndead5eSpells patch should go next to WarlockUndead

Example Load Order

Image of load order in BG3MM